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Passionate About Inspiring Others In Relationships + Inclusivity

Sher has a Retail, professional background, whose expertise includes building cohesive relationships and building dynamics that inspire others to work in harmony on a common goal. In her experience of coaching many across the span of her late-career, she has supported both youth and adults in their development of social connection, selling ability, leadership quality, practical business application, and life skill. Being connected to so many of these beautiful and diverse individuals, a witness to part of their personal growth, and accomplishment over the years has helped her garner a deep understanding of relationships, of its different energies and the mindfulness it takes to stay open to learning strategies that support an equitable outcome. Her passion in this industry for over 15 years has now lead her to feel inspired and to open a doorway in her pursuit of entrepreneurship, life coaching, and, now, her dedication to the study of relationships, metaphysics, the practice of alternative energy healing modalities such as crystal therapy and reiki and learning how to be an ally in the fight for social and racial justice.

Sher helps highly sensitive women address changes in their identities and relationships in love, lifestyle, and business as a result of their life experience shifting the way they feel in their skin. She adopts systems recruited from her knowledge of neuroscience-based coaching and complementary healing to create immersive strategies where her clients can walk away having strengthened their personal energy and boundaries on both a physical and spiritual level while feeling self-assured, clear-minded, more peaceful, and vital while in their pursuit.

In her space, you are encouraged to take a self-healing approach to your mind, body, spirit, and heart. She provides you with personalized coaching, crystal therapy, and reiki principles that can have powerful therapeutic benefits to support and boost the energy you are looking to call into your existence.

As a life coach and alternative practitioner, I place a lot of importance on empowering

our personal energy field to bring mind, body, spirit, and heart in harmony to achieve what we want. I help highly sensitive women like myself to, thrive in their empathetic nature and live in an energy that is a match to their desired relationships and to who they are now.

Working with her urges you to make personal changes for yourself and in relationships that act from a heart-centered perspective to match you with who you are in the present (now). She helps you build a foundation for yourself where you can feel empowered by your life story and inspired to draw from your experiences so that you can move through your every day with a greater sense of resilience.


Furthermore, Sher is a Certified Crystal Practitioner and offers private sessions and group healing meditation circles both in-person and online. She has felt lead to study and develop an authentic approach to crystal therapy. She is passionate about incorporating crystal therapy in her coaching sessions when appropriate in an effort that others benefit from their subtle and loving energies in such a space. Her affinity for the mineral kingdom began from a young age and is rooted deep. Her work with crystals has uplifted her while she sought to integrate a deeper understanding and healing of the challenges she faced in childhood, illness, loss, injury, relationships, and in contemplation of career, and lifestyle.  The energetic impact Sher has experienced on all levels of being from working with crystals has inspired her to delve into her research in a more comprehensive and practical application for more than a decade. She feels the properties that crystal's offer to be an important teacher, a sacred gift from our Mother Gaia, that can lend as a tool for achieving more compassion, health, and personal growth in one's life.


A cancer survivor, she has come to trust that we have an integral part to play in creating what feels like the right balance of our overall health and believes that we can start by recognizing in each other, a community of self-healers. "In taking conscious action toward personal transformation, we can better achieve a state of harmony within ourselves, with others, and, all things, while here on this earth." - Sher Harrison

Thrive in your empathetic nature - tap into the power of your unique energy so that you can be fearless in relationships and, connected to all layers of yourself, others, and all else.

Live a lifestyle that's integrated in a truly meaningful way.

  • Certified CAN Life Coach awarded by Mandy Wintink Ph.D. at The Centre Of Applied Neuroscience.

  • Accredited diploma of Crystal Therapy Healing awarded by Dr. Karen E Wells at the KEW Training Academy Ltd.

  • Certified Crystal Healer & Advanced Crystal Practitioner awarded by Ashley Leavy at the Love & Light School Of Crystal Therapy.

  • Certified Gendai Reiki Ryoho Level 1 awarded by The Rock Store

  • Bachelor in Metaphysical Science


Sher is a member of The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), in agreement with their code of ethics. View my IPHM membership,

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