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Bringing crystals into the sphere of my life has been a transformative experience of multi-dimensional proportions for me both on an intimate and professional level. In journeying with them I have found them to be a catalyst and support in my daily endeavors and I have been inspired to heal a great deal of trauma through working with them as well. In times of loss, heart-ache, uncertainty, as well as many career and love related challenges crystal energy has brought me many times to places of deep understanding, compassion, resilience, and calm. In doing this over the years, it has allowed me to build a strong connection to their earthy and energizing frequencies. They have become affirmations and reminders that I can overcome what is thrown at me while remaining grounded and heart-centered in my sense-of-self, lifestyle, relationships, and all else. I wish to share with you their deep wisdom and powerful healing energy and inspire in you what I have come to know.



At first, I was a little skeptical about crystal therapy because I didn't know much about it but Sher put me at ease right away. She is very knowledgeable and tailors each session to meet your individual needs which may vary from one session to the next. I have been fortunate enough to experience both in-person and online sessions and I enjoyed them both thoroughly. I felt grounded, calm and focused for days afterwards. It is evident that Sher has a passion for her work which is beautiful to see. I look forward to our next session. Thank you, Sher!

LAUREN / Teacher

What are some of the benefits of receiving the healing energy of crystals?

This work can be a helpful practice to use to heal or enhance your life on an energetic level and can assist your body in restoring overall energy levels and heal energetic dis-ease mentally, emotionally, physically. and spiritually. An increase in strength, confidence, relaxation, awareness, and compassion where desired, are some of the immediate and long term benefits of practicing crystal therapy. Having many other properties and benefits to affect healing and change, this vibrational energy modality can be customized to fit every individual and can be paired more specifically to support relationships or other areas you wish to address.

How can I amplify my relationship goals through crystal healing sessions with Sher Harrison?

The crystals I combine and use in my practice have been extensively researched and intuitively chosen by myself for their metaphysical properties that target a wide spectrum of topics related to the realm of relationships. Because crystals work to store, restore, and enhance the energy behind your goals, they can be a powerful tool in helping achieve what you wish to actualize in this area of your life.

What is the science behind the healing energy of crystals?


Due to the superior nature of a crystal structure, our biology cooperates with the likeness of its blueprint and we can feel better supported in our healing. Energy healing gets our body's energy moving and flowing better. Crystal and energy healing work through what's know in the laws of physics as *entrainment. Through this principle, movement is created within your energetic system (chakras) by the oscillating energies within the crystals lattice structure in order to encourage your natural healing abilities to take over.

*Entrainment is a universal phenomenon that occurs in physical and biological systems where one's frequency locks onto another system's frequency and encourages both frequencies to sync up and vibrate in harmony. In the science of energy healing, the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one source will cause less powerful vibrations of another source to lock into the vibration of the first source.

How can the benefits of crystal healing & be effective and felt on me remotely?

Crystal therapy is offered online at this time. When dealing with the dynamic principles of energy medicine you can conveniently experience its benefits from the comfort of your own home. Through distant healing, you receive all the loving crystal benefits that an in-person session has to offer. I channel universal energy to the crystals in order to facilitate a connection to your healing. In your session, I infuse every crystal with Reiki energy to strengthen your experience.


What should I expect from the first session?

Before you lay to bliss out in your crystal layout from the comfort of your own home, we begin with a brief exchange to discuss the areas you expect to target. Once we are aligned on a strategy you will be invited to get in a comfortable position to allow me to read your energy field. These steps combined allow me to know which crystals to work with for you specifically. Once we acquire the information that your energy is giving off, I will choose and lay the crystals on and around your 7 main energy centers. You will remain in relaxation like this anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Session times can range from 40 minutes to 1 hour and a half total and vary based on discussion needs and what is needed to be accomplished.

How often should I book a session to maintain and continue my intended progress?

Crystal Healing can be performed safely on a weekly basis in instances where a more proactive approach is needed. To allow for slower integration of their healing vibration, sessions can be stretched from anywhere between two weeks to a month apart. The effects of crystal healing are individual and we can work together to come up with a plan that suits you. Some like to work with crystals on an intention-based protocol and may prefer to book a session alongside the lunar cycles or stretch sessions out on a quarterly basis to follow the rhythms of the earth. It really depends on what you wish to bring in on an energetic level.



Disclaimer: Crystal therapy can help you feel a subtle rejuvenation, encourage you to check-in with any intentions you may have made this year in your wellbeing, as well as help you discover new ones and bring more focus on areas of your health where you want to bring extra care. This alternative healing modality is intended to complement and further support you in an energetic and metaphysical manner on your healing journey and is in no way intended to replace the medical advice of your traditional doctors. With this in mind, feel free to sign up for a session to cleanse, promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, align your subtle bodies and, bring your mind, body, spirit, and heart into greater harmony.

If the chakra centers within our energy body do become unbalanced, we may feel unwell. Using this as our roadmap, we can best discern what crystals and protocol will support your unique needs.

Our chakra centers can become unbalanced because of all the outside energy influences making their way into our energy bodies in our daily encounters. This can affect us in body, mind, and spirit on an energetic level, and to this respect can also be at the root of what we can find ourselves expressing as a dis-ease or discomfort at a physical level.


By combining crystals and reiki, these modalities work interchangeably to stimulate a healing response within you to help bring your body back into homeostasis and energetic alignment. Crystals store, reflect and amplify the frequency of light, sound, color, and add structured energy to our intentions and emotions. They recycle old with good energy resulting in a cleaner inner and outer personal state. Read more about crystal healing here.

By tuning into your subtle energy as a point of reference, we can determine a comprehensive and individual approach to your unique needs that can help discern what crystals are best suited for you in your healing session regarding your wellness goals. Here's how you can get started.






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