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Be intentional with your well-being, and all else. The energy around you is yours to open up to - where all possibility awaits.

We share personal energy with the world in every moment through the way we speak, the actions we take, the emotions we feel, with everything we create, in how we see ourselves, and even through ways in which we conduct our relationships. Energy is a universal language that influences the way we experience things and how others also sense us. It is essential to have clear energy channels in our field to help us maintain a solid connection to our well-being and the essence of who we are. In doing so, we can feel vital and act in confidence and self-trust regarding heart matters and experiencing life from a healthy and harmonious perspective.


I use Crystals, Reiki and Metaphysical Philosophy, to help you create a personal shift in mind, body, soul, and heart so that you can EXUDE receptivity and meet your wellness goals.

If the chakra centers within our energy body do become unbalanced, we may feel unwell. Using this as our roadmap, we can best discern what crystals and protocol will support your unique needs.

Our chakra centers can become unbalanced because of all the outside energy influences making their way into our energy bodies in our daily encounters. This can affect us in body, mind, and spirit on an energetic level, and to this respect can also be at the root of what we can find ourselves expressing as a dis-ease or discomfort at a physical level.


By combining crystals and reiki, these modalities work interchangeably to stimulate a healing response within you to help bring your body back into homeostasis and energetic alignment. Crystals store, reflect and amplify the frequency of light, sound, color, and add structured energy to our intentions and emotions. They recycle old with good energy resulting in a cleaner inner and outer personal state. Read more about crystal healing here.

By tuning into your subtle energy as a point of reference, we can determine a comprehensive and individual approach to your unique needs that can help discern what crystals are best suited for you in your healing session regarding your wellness goals. Here's how you can get started.






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